3 in 1 Disposable PP Airline Cutlery Set / Pack Suppliers in China

Airline cutlery pack suppliers in China-SKYAIRSERVICES
Sky Air Services Supplies Polypropylene PP Airline Cutlery Set/packs to wide range of airlines. All disposable airline cutlery sets can be branded (logo print, carve or embossed).
Knife, Fork, and spoon included in 3 in 1 pack. Sugar Sachet, Creamer Sachet, Salt-Pepper Sachet, Refreshing Towel, Napkin, toothpick and other requested items can be included in our cutlery Packs.
OPP packs can be printed up to six colors
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Deliver port: Shanghai, Ningbo
Payment Terms: TT / LC/ Western Union/ PayPal

Product Pictures

Basic Information
Name Polypropylene Disposable Airline Heavy Duty Cutlery Set L600
Synonyms 3 in 1 Disposable Polypropylene PP Airline Cutlery Set
Material Polypropylene
Color White
Including Knife, Fork, small fork, Spoon, Tea Spoon
Item Code Product  Material Length Weight
L601 Knife PP 16.5cm 4.1g
L602 Fork PP 16.8cm 3.9g
L603 Teaspoon PP 14.6cm 3.6g

Airline-Cutlery-Pack_Price_Spoon-fork-knife-3in1-PP- three-in-one

Detail Information
Packaging in detail: 1000pcs/carton or 500pcs/carton. Disposable Airline Cutlery Packs are packed by OPP bags. Custom carton size can be arranged with your company logo  
Carton mark: SKY AIR / Customer requested carton mark
Delivery time*: 25 days from the date of advance payment received (Delivery time can be varied with the quantity)
Sample: Free Sample will be provided

Contact Details

Huaian Sky Air Services Co., Ltd
Industrial Development Zone,
Huaian, Jiangsu Province
Tel : +86 – 517 83483900
Fax: +86 – 517 – 82314805
Hotline: +86 – 188 00662383
Email: info@skyairservices.com
QQ: 2589756221
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