3 in 1 Disposable Polystyrene PS Airline Cutlery Suppliers in China

Airline cutlery pack suppliers in China-SKYAIRSERVICES
We Supply Polystyrene PS Airline Cutlery Set/packs to wide range of airlines. All disposable airline cutlery sets can be branded (logo print, carve or embossed).
Knife, Fork, Spoon included in 3 in 1 pack.Sugar Sachet, Creamer Sachet, Salt-Pepper Sachet, Refreshing Towel, Napkin, toothpick and other requested items can be included in our cutlery Packs.
OPP packs can be printed up to six colors
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Deliver port: Shanghai, Ningbo
Payment Terms: TT / LC/ Western Union/ PayPal

Product Pictures

Basic Information
NamePolystyrene Disposable Airline Cutlery Set
Synonyms3 in 1 Disposable Polystyrene PS Airline Cutlery Set
IncludingKnife, Fork, Spoon
Item CodeProduct MaterialLengthWeight

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Detail Information
Packaging in detail:1000pcs/carton. Disposable Airline Cutlery Packs are packed by OPP bags. Custom carton can be arranged with your company logo 
Carton mark:SKY AIR / Customer requested carton mark
Delivery time*:25 days from the date of advance payment received (Delivery time can be varied with the quantity)
Sample:Free Sample will be provided

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