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Huaian Sky Air Services Co., Ltd

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Brief Introduction

Huaian Sky Air Services Co., Ltd, (previously known as Air Products Factory  established in 2003), is a professional enterprise to supply airline inflight products. We provide range of airline inflight products including our main products Antislip Paper/ Non-skid papers , Disposable Airline Cutlery packs /Airline Atlas Tray, Airline Rotable Tableware , Airline Headrest Covers, Nonwoven Airline Pillowcase, Airline Amenity kit, Polar Fleece Airline Blanket, Modacrylic Airline BlanketDisposable Airline Blanket, Airline Headphone, Airsickness Bag. We are located in Huaian Jiangsu Province in China, one of the mostly industrialized City in China. Nearness of the raw material sources and high efficient cutting-edge machinery provide the opportunity to offer highly competitive price while maintaining perfect quality.

What we believe

Sky Air Services believes that the Best quality, excellent performance, and competitive price are three major factors that can dominate our products in airline industry. We improve the product quality and service through continuous assessment and technology improvements. During last several years company has dramatically improved the R&D to improve the quality of non-skid papers and identify new opportunities in rapidly developing Antislip Paper/ nonskid tray mat industry. Company has was obtain the agentship for Atlas Trays, Airline Rotable, and Airline Rotable Tableware and some other products which helps us to supply you under even competitive price range. After we established our international business body, which is Sky Air Holdings Co., Ltd, in 2013 the membership of International Travel Catering Association is applied.

Social responsibility

At every stage of our business, we seriously consider the people and environment that our operations might be affected. We do our best to implement and develop green initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint which helps for sustainable future.

Why you should select us

We have the product know-how, International Standard manufacturing facility, testing abilities, qualified supplier base, well qualified English speaking foreign and local sales team, correctly meet your exact specifications at competitive prices.

Corporate Vision

Our mission is to be the best Airline in-flight product supplier in China, regardless of the product. As responsible inflight product supplier, we are determined to be the very best in our business, regardless of the quantity and price of our competitors. We will continue to bring our industry forward with continuous quality enhancements. Above all, we focus on research and development that helps to improve the quality of the in-flight products while maintaining the production cost at minimum level.

Contact Details

Huaian Sky Air Services Co., Ltd
Industrial Development Zone,
Huaian, Jiangsu Province
Tel : +86 – 517 83483900
Fax: +86 – 517 – 82314805
Hotline: +86 – 188 00662383
Email: info@skyairservices.com
QQ: 2589756221
Skype: skyairholdings