Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about Sky Air Services Products and services. If you do not find the answer to your question, please visit the Sky Air Services Contact page contact us via email or Sky Air Hotline +86-188-0066-2383

Is it possible to visit the factory?

Yes, you can visit. If you are coming to visit with Chinese translator, you can visit our factory by informing us before one day. If you visit without translator you have to inform us before 5 working days.

Can we get a free sample?

If you need a sample without custom design or logo on them, we are able to provide sample free of charge. However, courier charges has to be paid by yourself, if you are not an existing customer.

Can print our carton mark?

Yes we can print carton mark according to your requirements

Can we use custom carton Size?

Yes, we can make the carton according to your requirement

Can you mention our company name as a shipper in BL.?

Yes. We can but extra 40 USD MAY charge for that.

Can we be your agent in our country?

It depends, some counties we do not work with agents and some counties we do work with agents. However, it depends on your MOU. You can contact us via email to get more details about this.

Is it possible to work with our freight forwarder in China?

Yes, but He needs to agree with our terms and conditions – normally everybody agrees

Can you send our goods with our other goods?

Yes we can.


Contact Details

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Tel : +86 – 517 83483900
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